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Current Offers at bbmm.ie

Company Image Pack From €395* t&c’s

We can manage your entire companies’ image online. How your company looks directly represents your customer’s choice in choosing your service. Either with re-branding or by extension, we can deliver updated graphics for your social media, update your “Call To Action” slogans, and bring your “Unique Selling Point” in front of your entire audience as part of the package.  Finding and managing outdated links and references can impact your current profile drastically, and having fresh material is also beneficial for your search engine results. This package is specifically designed for those companies who have little control over their digital footprint, but wish to amend what is on the internet for their benefit.

Article Creation Pack From €395* t&c’s

We can create optimised professionally written articles for your website or blog on a weekly basis. All you need to do is provide us with a list of topics, and we will create SEO friendly articles, with imagery prepared for social media as part of the article for your business. Articles will be newsroom style, and suitable either as blog posts, or social media posts. 

Reports Pack From €98* t&c’s

We can offer a professionally created report for your website or blog site on a monthly basis. We will analyse and report on 15 top ranking factors of your website. This package is best suited to companies who have in-house marketing efforts and need to independently verify the results, whether it be good or bad.

Start Up Plan For New Businesses From €382* t&c’s

We have 2 package offers for start up companies. If you are a sole trader or a limited company, we have the right plan for you. Plan 1 covers a website built for you including hosting & .com domain registration for 1 year. You also get a full day of logo design and business card design, with your artwork handed over to you in Adobe Photoshop format and Print Ready PDF. We also can provide quotes for printing of business stationary including Business Cards, Flyers, Headed Paper etc. This Package normally retails for €840 , But is offered here with a 20% discount at €672 Including VAT. Plan 2 includes a website built for you including hosting & .com domain registration for 1 year. This normally retails for €480 , But is offered here with a 20% discount at €382 Including VAT. We also facilitate payments through the local authorities if you are in a position to avail of grants for media development. We can amend to suit any quotes required for this request. Please contact us today to find out more.

Website Designs From €295* t&c’s

Our web design team can create a website for you that has everything you need. We build a system that allows you access after the site is complete. In other words, we do the hard part. We build it to your request and make it live. We give it to you online and ready for you to manage yourself. With our system of choice, if you know how to type, you can maintain your website. The system also allows for future expansion as your business needs expand. Offer of €295 including VAT is for web design of a 1 page site only. It is required that you provide your company description details, contact details, imagery, domain name and hosting account details.

Business Stationery Pack From €275* t&c’s

500 Letterheads, 500 Comp slips and 500 premium business cards, matt laminated double side in full colour. For a limited time only, this offer includes a basic design concept layout.

Videos Created From €495* t&c’s

Videos in a powerpoint style presentation can be one of the most useful and engaging forms of media presentation in 2014. A youtube video for your company embedded into your site can drive traffic and engage with more potential clients than ever before. Video can increase your marketing efforts when combined with your social media and certainly rank faster within Google. We Create  60 – 90 second presentation with your images, add license free music and format the video ready for you to upload to Youtube. The length of video will depend on how many company images you provide, and style of video required. If needed, we can create slides for you at an extra cost for inclusion in the video presentation. This can be priced on an individual basis.

Social Media From €148* t&c’s

We Focus our efforts on social media set up and management. Social Media has become very popular for all ages. It is used for business as much as personal use. For business use, Social Media is like all things, the more you put in, the more you get back. All business owners are focused on their return on investment. With Social Media, a poor Social Media strategy returns very little. Facebook management is certainly our most popular request from all types of business. With that in mind, we recommend which avenue of social media you should engage based on your business. Contact our sales team through the form below with your website address for more details of what we would recommend.

Management Plans For SEO From €148* t&c’s

In today’s world of the Internet, having your site optimised to be search engine friendly is hugely important.  What we think of effective SEO is simple. You do the foundations correctly, and adjust/increase your efforts over time simply to be better than your competition. Our SEO plans are tailored to suit your business. We always start with a report for you and analysis of your site Vs. your biggest competitor. In itself, this is valuable resource document for you. It shows you what is good and what is bad in terms of your online presence. Contact our sales team through the form below with your website address for more details of what we would recommend for you.

Additional Purchases. t&c’s

If you want just to do one off sections of work on your website, or digital marketing, you are still in the right place. We can provide powerful information that you can use and implement in your own time. See some examples below and costs.

  • Simple Offline Consultancy – €225.00

For a full detailed list of your dream online marketing expansion plan, this is the option for you. You get reports, analysis, statistics and more. Imagine you had a list of things to do in your own time, and a way to check the results yourself.  Contact Us for more details.

  • Youtube Video Title, Description and Tags Optimisation – €36.00

If you have an existing Youtube Video, we can provide information on how to improve your listing details based on the top vidoes for your keywords.

  • Website Title, Description and Tags Optimisation – €98.00

If you have an existing website, we can provide information on how to improve your listing details based on the top suggestions for your keywords. We provide title, page and meta descriptions in a word document.

  • Google Traffic Insight Website Analysis – €36.00

This shows you what is wrong with your site. **spoiler alert** If you purchase this option, you will probably not be able to sleep until you fix all the issues on your site. On average, most well-built websites have between 6 and 10 fundamental issues with render-blocking Java Script, CSS and compression issues. These results show you why you have a bad Google score, and you are going to want to get these things fixed as soon as possible to increase your traffic to your site. From Google sources themselves, fixing the issues that they have with your site can as much as double your impressions and site visits within 3 weeks. Be warned, in providing you with this report, we take no responsibility in suggesting fixes, remedies or solutions to you. This report is strictly provided to you at this low fee so you can understand the issues in your website. It is fully your responsibility to engage a web specialist to quote for suggesting fixes, remedies or solutions to you.   


* t&c’s. Our terms are simple enough. We aim to please and want repeat business. Before any work is engaged, we insist in discussing with our clients in full the cost and work associated with the cost. An agreement to quoted work by email is required, acting as a contract. Payment structure has to be agreed before any work is undertaken. In some cases, payment in advance is required, and means no offense. All prices include VAT @ 23%. Prices correct at time of print and web release. Disclaimer – Online Marketing is more of an art form than science. Realistic results are therefore strived for, but not guaranteed. In no way do we endorse or agree with ‘Page 1 on Google in 1 Week’ requests.  www.bbmm.ie