Top Tips today are 5 things you should be doing yourself to keep your website’s SEO in good shape

1. Keyword Check: keywords are the most important part of where you feature on search engines. Use Google’s keyword planner, a free tool from Google’s AdWords area to check how many searches are made on your keywods, and get suggestions from them about potential alternatives. Keywords are the most important onsite linking factor, so study how to optimise your own keywords, and change for alternatives that may yield better search results.

2. Images: All I can say here is to rename images for what they are, and do not forget to add Alt-tags to them.

3. Body Copy: Make your text on your website is easy to read. Remember, you are writing for your customers benefit, not just your own. Do include your keywords in the text, but make it natural. Keep it interesting and relevant as well. Otherwise you will loose their interest, and probaby not come back.

4. Links: Make sure you have good internal links to other parts of your website by natural anchor links within the text.  If you make it easy for visitors to link to another page, with a relevant link, they will do so. This will reduce your bounce rate, and you will find your website’s clickthrough rate will increase.

5. Ignore Most Of What You Read Online: Quite simply, the internet is full of misleading advice when it comes to SEO. If you ask 10 SEOists the same question, you will get 10 different answers. If you follow every article you read, you will have too much to do in too short a time, and the results will not be worth it.  Keep your website pages original, relevant, truthful and engaging. Use design and original content to seperate you from your competition, and in time you will do fine.

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