A survey conducted by Vitreous World and Phrasee has found that 68% of global marketers feel they don’t understand what AI is and think it’s simply an overused buzzword.

Additionally, a worrying 67% of those surveyed say they don’t know how to implement AI to effectively deliver results. This shows a large gap in knowledge when it comes to one of the biggest trends shaping the world of marketing today and the near future – and it is thought to be costing companies millions in revenue.

As a result, 70% of the 1000 respondents admitted that they don’t use AI, and an extra 8% didn’t know if they do or don’t. Even if they were actively looking to employ AI in their organisations, 67% believe they are unable to assess and compare the various related technologies available to them.

In order to address this gap in knowledge, Phrasee have launched ‘The Phrasee Pledge’, which aims empower marketers to become more AI-savvy in 2020