Bais Burke Media & Marketing was founded in May 2013, by Tony Burke and Lila Bais.

Tony and Lila intended specifically to create a company which combines all aspects of online marketing into one offering, all from one source. Having being on the other side of the fence, directing an eCommerce website back in 2008 – 2012, Tony found that dealing with online marketing then, and on behalf of other companies since then was not only very speculative,  but aimless at the same time.

“I could never find one company who could look after all of my online marketing needs. I always had a great person to build CMS websites – That was never an issue, and when she told me she was becoming a teacher in the field, I found myself with 2 choices. Either learn to do it myself, or hire a company to build sites, and be capable of marketing them at the same time”.

“So either I found someone who could do a bit of web building, but needed someone else to provide images. Or I found someone who said they could do web marketing, but in truth were using my sites to practice on, while they gained experience at my expense”.