Analytics that make you say WOW:

Visitor Identification:

We will show you the businesses and individuals on your website, where they have come from and which pages they have visited.

lead generation analytics ipad Analytics that make you say WOW: Visitor Identification: We will show you the businesses and individuals on your website, where they have come from and which pages they have visited.

Lead Scoring:

By scoring your web pages we can tell you who’s ready to buy based on what and how much they have engaged with on your website.

Google Adword Optimisation:

Understand which ads visitors have come from which are performing, and increase your conversions by understanding these advanced analytics.

Purchase Individuals Data:

You can purchase individual email addresses for the companies who have been on your website.

One to One Email Tracking:

Using personalised URL’s you can track a web visitor from an individual email sent to them and leave the mass emailing to marketing.

Marketing Automation:

Run effective campaigns, based on website behaviour, to dramatically increase your lead generation results.

Features for you

From revealing who your website visitors are to gaining more intelligence, WOW Analytics can help strengthen your sales pipeline with sales ready leads and maximise your websites ROI.

To see any of these features in action request a demo from Charlie, our analytics managers today.


Visitor Identification.

Identify your website visitors: know who is on your website, company details and keywords used in search.


Visitor Tracking.

Discover what your visitors are doing on your website and see the exact pages and times that they have visited.


PPC Identification.

WOW Analytics can identify companies that visit your website acquired through PPC – get more ROI from your Ads.


Lead scoring.

From visiting your website your leads will develop a lead score to represent their interest, discover your hot leads.


Company Identification.

Know more about your website visitors: contact info, company & employees names.

Auto lead allocation.

Our software can automatically assign new leads to right sales person, as soon as visitors hit your site.


Real-time analytics & insights.

With visitor segmentation you can gain insights into exactly who your marketing is attracting.



Thanks to personalised URL’s, you can now track your 1 to 1 emails while marketing takes care of the 1 to many


Lead nurture.

Nurture your leads to be sales ready – automatically! We can provide you with a 3 part lead nurture email series.


Lead segmentation.

WOW will help you to assign, segment and add customers to custom groups improving your lead capture process.


Reporting and alerts.

Run reports to see your website activity and set customised, automated alerts to keep you up to date on new leads.


Media Monitoring.

Track which companies are watching your videos, downloading documents and what they are viewing.


CRM integration.

We offer integration with leading CRM systems, enabling you to push all visitors data directly into your CRM.


Social platforms integration.

We are the only lead tracking software that offers LinkedIn and Twitter integration with our platform


Tracking your one page website.

Parallax scrolling has become massive in recent times and WOW can track your site visitor’s activity.


CommuniGator integration.

WOW utlilize email marketing platform CommuniGator, to offer you integrated email marketing.


Lead management.

Once you’ve identified a lead, it’s important you have a way of following up and keeping track of that lead.


WordPress integration.

Using a WordPress as the CMS for your website? Then you’ll be pleased to know that WOW Analytics provides seamless integration.


Purchase Individual Data.

With WOW, you CAN buy email addresses of the individuals on your website and use that data to track movement on your website.

Analytics that make you say WOW: