Below are some of the new packages from Bais Burke Media & Marketing. Visit for all offers priced, to see what would be suitable for your business.

Bais Burke Media And Marketing Offline Consultancy

Company Image Pack:

We can manage your entire companies’ image online. How your company looks directly represents your customer’s choice in choosing your service. Either with re-branding or by extension, we can deliver updated graphics for your social media, update your “Call To Action” slogans, and bring your “Unique Selling Point” in front of your entire audience as part of the package. Finding and managing outdated links and references can impact your current profile drastically, and having fresh material is also beneficial for your search engine results. This package is specifically designed for those companies who have little control over their digital footprint, but wish to amend what is on the internet for their benefit.

Article Creation Pack:

We can create optimised professionally written articles for your website or blog on a weekly basis. All you need to do is provide us with a list of topics, and we will create SEO friendly articles, with imagery prepared for social media as part of the article for your business. Articles will be newsroom style, and suitable either as blog posts or social media posts.

Reports Pack:

We can offer a professionally created report for your website or blog site on a monthly basis. We will analyse and report on 15 top ranking factors of your website. This package is best suited to companies who have in-house marketing efforts and need to independently verify the results, whether it be good or bad.

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