– by Lila Bais

Content Marketing is the process of content creation to be shared with a target audience.  When you create content, you are creating your media in the form of writing, graphics, design work, video, or any combination of these together. It’s also important to consider the process of finding relevant content that other people have created, in order to share them to support your own brand.

How does Content Marketing help?


Content marketing can elevate your brand above those thousands of marketing messages, and becomes the fuel for engagement with your customers throughout their life-cycle with your brand. Creating content to express your brand is crucial to build awareness and trust with your target audience.

Here is what to focus on:

–          Get the tools to build your content marketing strategy: social strategy, constant website updates, and ability to write efficiently;

(What is SOCIAL STRATEGY? YOUR Social Strategy is the plan that is going to make your social media work. It’s a combination of content creation & curation, creativity and organization. The use of different social media platforms /Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc/ should be included in your social strategy)

–          Plan a variety of content for every stage of a buyer’s journey: what and how you write is crucial here. Sharing the right ideas and thoughts will define how the public interacts with you, as well as the level of engagement. Be prepared to answer all comments and questions related to your content sharing instantly, but mostly, efficiently. Only delete Spams comments and posts, and in most cases, do not delete any complaints or criticism to your brand;

–          Tell a continuous story about your brand: how it started, relevant initial thoughts, how it has developed, what your brand does to help people, and the most important part here: who is involved and what they do. Create ‘characters’ focusing on their strength and qualities, introducing everyone to your public;

–          Effectively promote and measure your content: You can find success by building your own promotion strategies, as long as you keep checking and rechecking what’s working. Measuring the efficiency of your content shared is what will define your success.

Not to forget:

It is important to customize the text and style on each social media platform.

The same is valid when creating images for social sharing:

–          Pinterest 735 x 1102 pixels;

–          Facebook 940 x 788;

–          Twitter 1024 x 512;

–          Instagram 640 x 640.

Be consistent with your social media and blogging. Choose how many times a week you want to share different contents and stick to it.

Getting started on social media may seem like a big task but that’s just the beginning. Sharing good content every day is what creates social media platforms worth talking about.