COVID-19_ Why Communication Is a Key Factor For BusinessesCOVID-19: Why Communication Is a Key Factor For Businesses

With the health threat imposed by Covid-19, businesses around the world have been busy figuring out how to keep their staff safe while keeping the business operating.

We all understand how important communication as a tool is to businesses, but in this instance, let’s have a look at communication as a the primary act of to how to communicate with others during complex times.

One of the main challenges enterprises are facing is to encourage and implement strategies for accomplishing communication without travel, leveraging communication technology tools that already exist.

The protocol for managing COVID-19, is, in many ways, a return to common sense:

  • Wash your hands
  • Monitor your health
  • Consider the well-being of yourself and others by not taking unnecessary risks
  • Work remotely to limit exposure

If you take in consideration the 4 points above, working remotely is the most effective action of the protocol, as limiting exposure will stop the spread of the virus, even if you forget to wash your hands. With that in mind, businesses should take the opportunity to invest in setting up remote workforces as a long term solution and an efficient alternative.

Invest in work-from-home technology

Working remotely only works if team members are well equipped. Make sure they have the necessary equipment to perform at home and to install all required software.

Train employees on how to use online tools

While most of us are familiar with Skype, Zoom, Teams, etc, these days, many people still get stuck when trying to use these tools for the first time. Make sure all the staff knows how to log-in online and have a standard procedure in place for all.

Adapt to changing circumstances

It’s important to keep in mind that it’s innovation when we engage in developing frameworks to support our workforce and our partners; It’s strategic planning when we adapt to provide greater accessibility, and it’s investing in the future to create more significant space for inclusion and participation. This can all be achieve by improving communication.

When employees feel seen, heard, and valued, there is a reflex of gratitude demonstrated in productivity, loyalty, and even in brand ambassadorship as they share the experience with peers. Establishing options for schedule, location, and compensation, means that we can maximise resources and increase morale.

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