Draft2Digital has partnered with Humble Bundle, a leading online platform that sells games, ebooks, software, and other digital content to begin curating titles from Draft2Digital and Smashwords catalogs into incredible value-packed bundles that also raise money for a good cause.

“It’s a win/win/win situation,” says Mark Leslie Lefebvre, Director of Business Development for Draft2Digital. “Megan Spann, who leads the promotional activity on behalf of our authors, is working closely with the good folks at Humble Bundle to find and curate titles to meet specific themes in their extensive offering of deals.”

The goal of this partnership is to help Draft2Digital authors continue to reach new readers and fans of their writing in the global marketplace.

The goal of Draft2Digital has always been to provide free services and tools to help remove the barriers to publishing for authors. The next level, of course, is to provide free marketing opportunities, from the DIY free Books2Read platform and the ability to create your own coupon codes for the Smashwords store, to partnering with retail and library partners for promotions to help authors sell more books.

Read the article in full here: https://www.draft2digital.com/blog/hello-humble-bundle/