by Tony Burke -

There is a reason why I want to tell you about my favourite App. I spend a lot of time reading through blogs and articles during my working hours, so when it comes to some personal time, I like something up-to-date, simple and reliable to read.

There are far too many Apps options to choose from, and, eventually, you will find yourself lost and overwhelmed by all of them! That’s why I believe it is important to keep a short list of efficient Apps on your smartphone or tablet, and ignore what you don’t need.

I know it’s tempting… it’s FREE… it’s handy… it’s just there, available, right in front of you!

But please resist the temptation of downloading the whole free list! To start with, the time you spend browsing apps comes right out of the productivity time the app is supposed to save us. Plus, you don’t want your phone beeping and buzzing 24 hours a day with messages that have very little relevance to your lifestyle.

With that said, the main rule for selecting Apps is to know what you need. Don’t browse the App Store. If you see a colorful icon and are tempted to click on it, just ask yourself: ‘Do I really need this?’. If the answer is no, then don’t download it. It’s very simple.

Once you have purchased an App, my suggestion is to put a note in your calendar to revisit it in a month. If you haven’t worked it into your workflow by then, delete it, as the last thing we need is virtual clutter!

Finally, here is an App that I recommend for smartphones and tablets: News Free – RSS Feed Reader App by Savy Soda. Simple, objective and useful!

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What is your favourite App? We would like to hear from you! Please write your comments and advices here.

Good Luck and Enjoy your Apps!