With Thanks to Essentia Ireland

1. Plan, Prepare and Practice.

Script out what you want to say and time yourself on the delivery.  You’ll be surprised how long it takes to deliver your message.  And when you are passionate about your product or service, you’ll always have lots to say.  It’s vital to get a core message and to fine tune this.  Keeping the script as succinct as possible will be key to making an impactful video that with be watched by interested audiences.  You probably can bank on having one or two minutes of someone’s attention span, so you have got to make it matter.  Practice the delivery in front of the mirror.  Watch your body language and your hand movements, as these will impact on how successful your overall delivery will be.

2. Know Your Audience.

Spend time defining your target audience in demographic terms, e.g. by age, by gender. Ask yourself what are their needs and wants.  What solution does your product or service provide?  Why should your target audience take note?  What can your company do to save them time, reduce costs or drive sales?

3. First Appearances Last.

Your appearance in the video will be directly linked to the answers you define in point 2.  You should dress appropriately to appeal to your audience.  Try to avoid black, white, red, stripes and small repeating patterns.  Bright lipstick should also be avoided.

4. Time Out.

It’s important to dedicate sufficient time to the video shoot.  Secure a location without interruptions.  If possible put your mobile phones, tablets or iPads out of reach to avoid distractions.  Advise colleagues that you are out of action for the allotted time.  Calls and interruptions will cause you to lose your train of thought and your momentum.  This will be apparent on your face; you need to stay focussed.

5. Promotion.

The video will only be as good as the use you put it to. If you don’t tell anyone about it, it will become the proverbial ‘lighthouse in the bog’. Make sure to have it uploaded to your website.  Create your own YouTube channel.  Update your followers on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media channels that you are using.

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