What is the main purpose of going into Business? Let’s talk Google AdWords and how it can increase Business & generate Sales!

The main purpose of Google AdWords is  to help you drive traffic. Why? Simply because without sales, you don’t have business and without traffic, you don’t have sales.

Let’s start off with bbmm‘s Google AdWords Offer for March 2016. By joining Our Google Client Center, you will receive a FREE Assessment and FREE Campaign Analysis at the end of the month, which are designed to help your business improve the monthly costs.

Another fact to consider: It is a highly likely that your Campaigns are currently ineffective and constantly optimised the way Google wants you to do it, which is designed to make you believe that you must spend more, in order to get more traffic.

Google AdWords can create great targeted traffic if used correctly – the right sort of traffic for you and your business.

Here is how to Set Up Your Adwords Account to be managed by bbmm.ie

1. For Google AdWords, we’ll need to be invited by you to become a manager of your account. This is done through bbmm‘s Google ‘My Client Center’ where we can assess and make suggestions for your current Ad setup, and indeed control future ad campaigns for you if requested.

2. To proceed, please email us your Customer ID Number for your AdWords account. This is found on the top right of your screen when you are logged into your AdWords page. This is a 10 digit code number.

3. We will forward this to Google, requesting access as a manager on your account.

4. You will then receive an invitation from Google (showing bbmm‘s account number as the identifier plus our email address). The email you will receive will be headed as follows:

¦A manager account is requesting access to your AdWords account.  **********[email protected] has asked for your permission to link your AdWords account (Customer ID: ***-***-****) to their manager account¦

To accept the request, follow these 3 steps:

  • Log into your AdWords account
  • Click the gear icon & then select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu
  • Select “Account Access” and click “Accept Invitation”

*Avail of bbmm.ie ‘s Google AdWords Offer NOW for your FREE assessment!*