The Google Breakfast Briefing on Friday June 2nd 2107 provided some insights into “Audience Advertising”: the three primary sources of audience data, their importance to improving online conversion and how they can be used to increase the effectiveness of online advertising activity. The 3 main sources of audience are (1) Website Data, (2) Google Data and (3) Your Own Business Data.

1. Website Data:

The data available based on visitors to your website is invaluable if used effectively. Stats collated by Google show that of typical website users, 96% leave without ever converting, 70% will abandon a shopping cart without buying and 49% will typically visit 2 to 4 other websites before making a purchase decision. However, conversion factors are 20% better among those users who are already familiar with your product or service. So a re-marketing approach can work well.

2. Google Generated Audience Data:

With the wealth of data collected by Google, they can create supplementary audience profiles to help make online advertising more effective. A “Similar Audience” can be created based on your existing remarketing list by looking for similar patterns of search behaviours and interest. An “In Market Audience” can be based on people who have previously searched for specific products, researched products online and how frequently and recently they have done this. Both these audience profiles can be set up and activated in Google AdWords (based on minimum numbers being met)

3. Your Own Business Data:

You can create a “customer match audience” based on your own CRM data by uploading your database emails. Your ads will them be displayed to these individuals when they are logged into Google (but with some limitations).

Using AdWords and Audiences

Audiences can be set up within your AdWords account (caution: assuming a minimum number of site visitors has been met first). AdWords can be set to automatically adjust the bidding depending on which audience segment is being served and what value you have placed on the segment versus others. A recent new feature of AdWords is the “IF Function” which will allow a simple piece of code to be added into a single text ad, so that a slightly different message will be seen by say a new user, versus a returning visitor,