By Charlie Cummins –

Today’s topic at the Google Breakfast Briefing (the 12th in the current series) was “Getting Started With Mobile Advertising”. The presentation covered there key areas – defined as the Three A’s – which were Always There, Always Relevant and Always Optimised.

Google Breakfast Mobile Advertising

Some Stats

As normal, to put the topic into context and to highlight how relevant what’s being presented is to today’s online and connected consumer, some highly relevant statistics were shown:
3.2 – the number of internet connected devices each person has
78% – the proportion on the Irish population who own a smart phone
31% – share of consumers who shop on line
€340 million – the value of the online digital market in Ireland
41% – the share of that €340m purchased via a mobile device.

The Three A’s:

Always There: it is recommended that you research using Google’s Keyword tool to find the potential and the opportunity for mobile advertising. Check that your AdWords campaign is properly set up to ensure that your ads are visible on mobile devices by “opting in” to mobile and setting your mobile bids accordingly.
Always Relevant: tell your story with mobile ad formats and drive more engagement with mobile ad extensions.
Always Optimised: send your customers to a landing page that is fully optimised for mobile devices for a good user experience.

Optimise For Mobile:

To deliver a good user experience on mobile the following points are key:
Speed: how fast does your website load? For every second delay in loading, your conversion rate drops by 7%. A good site should load in 3 to 4 seconds, but up to 7 seconds is Ok.
Function and Design: a fast performance and good design will deliver a positive experience to your users. Google have 25 basic principle of good mobile design. These can be found by clicking on this link
Content: it must be relevant to the search terms used. A business should put the core action it wants users to undertake front and centre.

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