By Charlie Cummins –

Today’s Google Breakfast Briefing was an introductory session to YouTube. Designed to deliver some basic advice those new to the platform, the presentation showed how to use YouTube and how to segment a target audience. The presenters also offered some insights into the profile of those who watch YouTube and how these users interact with the medium.

Google Breakfast Briefing YouTube Image

Some YouTube Statistics:

Video is growing in importance for on-line activity. A forecast given today was that by 2019 almost 80% of internet content worldwide will be in video.

  • In Ireland, the average YouTube user spends 4 hours per week with the platform.
  • Across all YouTube users, almost 75% of them access it at least one a week
  • Owners of mobile devices are high users (88% of smart phone owners are also YouTube users)
  • Users show brand loyalty: in a consumer’s feedback survey, 67% of YouTube users stated that when they find a brand they like they’ll stick with it.

Top 10 Reasons Why People Visit YouTube:

  1. To find out how to do something
  2. To be entertained
  3. Discovering new music, films, etc.
  4. Finding out more about something just seen/heard/read
  5. Clicking on a link shared by a friend
  6. To research a product prior to purchase
  7. Clicking on a link elsewhere online
  8. Catching up on missed TV
  9. To keep current with news/hot topics
  10. A need to entertain the kids!

Using YouTube for Business

For a business owner, the key to using YouTube is to “connect” with its audience, who are today’s consumers. Suggestions on how to make this “connection” more impactful included
(A) Create highly shareable content
(B) Collaborate with another YouTube channel (and find new users)
(C) Converse with your audience (as people subscribe to people – not brands)
(D) Develop a consistent style, schedule and tone for all activity.

How to Use Paid Content on YouTube

To get your video ad up on running on YouTube, you can do the initial work through your existing Google AdWords account, by linking it to YouTube. You can input all the usual standard settings to set variables such as daily budgets, ad scheduling, target country/region, language and desired audience profiles. To maximise the impact, your creative should:
1. Make the first 5 seconds count
2. Keep it short
3. Show what you’re all about
4. Use calls to action
5. Give users time to take action
6. Give your video a real title (don’t label it an ad)
7. Use a compelling thumbnail.

Please send us an email at BBMM if you’d like more information on how YouTube could work as part of your on-line activity.