By Charlie Cummins –

The third presentation in Google’s 2016 Breakfast Briefing series was held today in The Foundry at Google’s Dublin HQ. The topic today was “An Introduction to AdWords”. The presentation was geared to those with little or no experience of working with AdWords and covered areas such as setting up an AdWords account, using keywords, how the Google “auction” works and what makes for effective ad content.

Google Breakfast Briefing AdWords April 1 2016

An interesting stat presented was that 16-20% of new searches are using queries that have never been asked before. Consumers are finding new ways to search for what they want and advertisers need to keep pace, ensuring their keywords are up to date with new search definitions. Google offer a number of tools within their AdWords platform to help advertisers optimise their keywords for maximum results.

Why Use AdWords:

AdWords provide an opportunity for businesses to instantly respond with a targeted commercial message to a consumer’s for products/services in their category. AdWords lets an advertiser control the message that’s seen: its content and offer, the landing page on the website it leads to and importantly, the relevancy of both to the consumer’s search query.

Planning and Preparation:

In advance of committing to any AdWords activity it is important to take a step back to look at the bigger picture with some planning and preparation.

What do you want to achieve: for example – sales leads, immediate sales, newsletter sign ups, information downloads etc.)

Is your website ready – are the landing pages relevant o your ads, do your downloads works, is your inquiry form easy to use and functioning.

What can you afford to spend on AdWords: consider your advertising spend against the potential return and strike an equitable balance that works for you.

AdWords Content and Keywords:

The best performing ads are those that deliver what the consumer is searching for. So ads must always be very relevant the keyword triggers. Ads that provide extra information such as special offers, retail locations, clickable phone numbers, and direct links to relevant web pages are more effective. These add-ons can be easily included via AdWords extensions. Keywords can be set to respond under a “broad match” or a more tightly defined “exact match” as deemed necessary to the specific needs of the business.

AdWords Auction:

Google AdWords work on an instantaneous auction, which takes place in real time. How often your ad is displayed is based on how much you’re prepared to “bid” per click plus a quality score rank based on ad content and its relevance to the search query and the landing page experience. The bottom line though is that an advertiser only pays for AdWords when a consumer clicks on the ad. Simply displaying the ad does not incur costs.

For more information on AdWords, follow these links to the Adword Help Centre  and to Google’s YouTube Channel

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