Struggling for Facebook page engagement because of fake likes? Read on to try some of our tips.

How To Remove Facebook Page Likes – by Tony Burke

Lots of pages become overloaded by fake likes on Facebook beyond page admin’s control. On the web, black hat SEO tactics are still ruining legitimate websites chances for organic results. Fake likes on a Facebook page is the very same for company pages. Sometime ago, pages were judged on how many likes they had, rather than on their engagement. Now the powers that be in Facebook have turned it around and the exact opposite is true. Pages that have no engagement will just not be served to your public or ranked within Google. You need fewer likes, and to show engagement.

Remove Facebook Page LIkes

There is very little help from Facebook in this area. While you may be able to remove some ‘likers’ one by one, you will not be able to do it for them all. While researching, we came across plenty of unanswered questions on the official Facebook forum. It has threads asking Facebook how to remove Facebook page likes that have just appeared and are spam. It appears they just have not thought of how to do this just yet, and in fairness is not really up to them to reverse engineer, when the tools were there from day one not to have pages visible outside of the country they are intended for. See the link at the bottom of the post for the Facebook forum. The forum was the first and only time I have seen references to a program that is designed to remove Facebook page likes. See the link to that program and it’s promo video directly below. This is designed to remove vast amounts of unwanted likes in one go. provide a program for a once off fee of $47 ( approx €44 ) which will give you the options to remove page likes by country and other options. This is backed by one of the best Internet Marketplaces, JVZOO.COM.

 Visit the software page here:

Link to the Facebook forum here: 

So in the meantime, we tried some of the free options recommended and had limited success. First, you should assess where your followers are, and if you need to part company with them at all. To do this, log into your page, select Insights, then People. From there, you can judge the countries listed for where you potential fake likes are. So if you need to, start by trying to switch your page settings in the two following ways. This will also prevent future fake likes from happening.

First, select Settings – General. Look for Country Restrictions, and select ‘Only show this Page to viewers in these countries’ and enter your country. This will then not allow your Facebook page to be viewed in countries like Turkey And India, where most of these fake likes come from. This may reduce the likes by up to 20%, and will hopefully be enough. Second, you can raise the age restriction to 21, which will automatically remove and page ‘likers’ who are under that age. You can then reset the age limit to whatever age you feel appropriate.

The overall aim in this exercise is to increase your engagement and start getting your Facebook content seen again. Which ever method you choose, Good Luck to you and please do continue to Like What You Like!