Conversion MarketingMost business owners will be shocked to learn that the average conversion from their website may likely be in the range of less than 1% to 3% (though it does vary by industry sector). To be clear about what is meant by “conversion”,  a conversion can cover a broad range of actions, from signing up for a newsletter, downloading a PFD, viewing a video or going through a complete online purchase.

The user experience the visitor gets from your site – how easy it is to use, how fast it is and how simple you make it for visitors to complete an action – will all impact on your conversation rates. There are a number of improvements which can be made to a website to improve its conversion rates. These include the following, but each must be judged on its merits for relevance to any specific website:

  • A relevant landing page – if visitors are coming to your landing page via a PPC ad, ensure that   landing page copy matches the ad content
  • Use of videos (perhaps to show there’s real people behind your website).
  • Have a very clear call to action (CTA) – keep it simple and easy to use
  • The goal of the CTA delivers a need of the user (it is relevant to them)
  • Tell visitors exactly what they’re going to get
  • Keep the CTA above “the fold” wherever possible
  • Don’t provide too many CTA options

 Websites developed by are inherently built with clear, concise call to actions (CTA’s) to maximise conversions.  For more information please email us.