What is the ‘EU Cookie Law’, more correctly called the ‘EU e-Privacy Directive’.

Under EU privacy regulations, all websites must make it clear to visitors what information about them is being stored. This specifically includes cookies. Even if cookies do not store information identifying an individual, you must still provide your visitor with information on what is being stored, by whom, what for, and so on.

What you need to do!


First: Don’t Panic.

Certain cookies are exempt from this – those that are deemed to be “strictly necessary” (e.g. WordPress stores session cookies for authentication, without these it wouldn’t work) however cookies stored by analytics software like Google Analytics do not fall into this category. There is a great deal of ambiguity and misinformation around this law.

What the EU Cookie Law really gets at is privacy, not just cookies. The government, for example, plan on using a version of what is called “implied consent” on their own websites, which is a technique similar to what bbmm.ie already use. We are happy to disclose as much as we can about what our site does. It is what it is, as far as we are concerned.

Second: Contact Us.

We can help you create your appropriate cookie policy content, based on what your site does.

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