There are over one billion people on Facebook

Target and reach the right audience for your business

Advertise your website to Facebooks users

Turn them into your customers

You do not need to have a Facebook profile or Facebook page to leverage Facebook Advertising for your business.

We place your ad within our account, and report digitally at the end of your campaign. We create a custom spot for you and advertise your website to Facebook users.

Facebook Advertising, like all major PPC platforms, works on cost per impressions.

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Connect to your fans with ads

  • Create multiple ads to help build an audience for your Page
  • Use the targeting options to show your ads to only the people you want reach
  • See which versions of your ads work best

Engage your fans with great content on your Page

  • Add a new post to your Page at least once a week
  • Pin your most important posts to the top of your Page
  • Ask questions, share exclusive news and respond to people when they post or comment on your Page

Over posting on Facebook is like throwing twenty sheets of promotional brochures in your customer’s face right after you had a heartfelt handshake.

Influence the friends of your fans

  • Encourage check-ins, participation in events or create an offer to encourage more activity on your Page
  • When people interact with the content on your Page, their friends are eligible to see the activity
  • When people do things such as like, comment or check-in to your Page, you can promote those activities to their friends
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