What is Link Building when it comes to Digital Marketing and SEO?

Well, in short, link building is about using your existing digital profile, and linking it to Others. It is how we speak and connect to each other using computers and technology. Not all platforms work for all businesses, so we can help you with an online swot analysis of your business, helping you to spend your money in the right area. Contact [email protected] for more details.

Social Media Link Building by Bais Burke Media and Marketing

One way to look at building digital links in business is to imagine youself, as your website. On an ordinary working day, how many phone calls do you make? how many people do you meet? All these interacions are links and contacts. Link Building online is the same process, but your website and your digital presence do all the talking. Imagine Facebook, Twitter and Youtube talking 24/7 on your behalf. Using social media to your advantage is paramount to have a powerful presence on the web. Correctly linking your site to these sites and many more are vital. In Ireland alone, there are also hundreds of listing sites, that you have to be a part of. Knowing which ones to focus on and where to place ad’s is where we can help your business. Search Engines DO NOT rate high numbers of low quality back-links as they used to. These days, you need quality contacts, and high ranking factors play a large part in your success. Contact [email protected] for more details and to organise a Marketing strategy that works for you.

I Like Link Building

We can help you navigate through the world of back links. We know what Do-follow, No-follow, Anchors and Online Directories you should use.  We know which blogs and online tools to use for you. Contact Us Today to get A Free Quote.