Offline Consultancy.

We offer 1-1 consultancy to clients in the art of digital marketing. We offer rates to teach you what we know. A simple meeting over a coffee can be arranged to discuss your marketing requirements, whether it be adding revenue to your website, becoming an affiliate, starting a blog, or mapping out your entire marketing future for sustainable growth. Either way, bring your notebook, you will need it. This is a very special offering, exclusive to our clients, and a one of a kind opportunity to get insider information of how to propel your website to the top of the pile. 

Onsite Consultancy Training.

We understand the functions of a working office like no one else. Everybody is busy, No-one has time for things etc. etc. etc. It is common all across the country and the world. As a business owner, do your staff understand without their input the business may not survive? Do they care enough about their wages to learn new tips and tricks? If so, and you plan to develop your business through internet exposure and marketing, would you like a consultant to help your workplace? Bais Burke Media Group offer development services both in an offline and online capacity.  Offline Consultancy works in a educational manor, to aim a business the right way. A lot of clients have availed of this in some capacity. We always leave our clients with tips of how to expand from our work and carry on by themselves.

Training and Lectures are vital in sustainable businesses today.

We offer courses, course material, on-site training and group training in all areas of Digital Marketing. Our solutions can be company model specific. We offer with your direct business in mind.

An example of 1 days onsite training would be as follows –


“Understanding Digital Marketing as it Impacts You”


Presentation and training to include specific subject matter to You.

Points of discussion / Agena


  • Digital Marketing in 2016. New SEO Rules
  • Onsite Optimisation
  • Keyword research
  • Social Media
  • Backlinks and Linkbuilding.
  • Offsite optimisation
  • Video
  • Overview, Results, Statistics and Planning for the future.

  8 Modules in total, using a combination of a powerpoint presentation, live onscreen examples, and question time.

Other topics covered include Digital Campaigns, Internet Content Production, Email Marketing, Introduction to the Use of Social Networks and Online Advertising, Digital campaigns, Comprehensive Reporting Systems, Website Analysis and much more.