I want to share the difference in producing a website, and producing a website with built-in SEO and surrounding digital marketing. Over the past 10 days or so, I have taken on a side project with a franchise product to bring it to market locally, rather than just it’s .com parent, and relatively unloved younger brother, it’s .ie version. My hope was within one month, to have the new brand page on page 1 or so on google searches (organic searches of course) and give the main .ie brand a run for it’s money. The results below are taken after 7 days, and even I am surprised how well a full on digital marketing plan has worked for this brand new site.

The new domain name itself was authorised by the IEDR on the 30th January 2014, and my figures below were extracted on Friday 7th February. So within 8 days, the new site was doing so well, it not only rivaled the main .ie brand, it overtook it – by a lot.

It has managed to outrank the traffic system ranking and value of a web page calculator of the brand page within 7 days. Here are the equivocal factors that are all that can be used for a site so young. For starters, I use 2 examples, the brand page is www.brandname.ie, and the site I created is www.brand-name.ie

All details are collected by independent company websites. www.alexa.com & http://www.worthofweb.com/calculator

Alexa World RankingAlexa Ranking In Irelandestimated valuewow scoreestimate pageviews
www.brandname.ie2326104n/a$ 2,01556/100602,280 pageviews / year
www.brand-name.ie12750152427$ 2,76859/100822,600 pageviews / year

For all other “ranking comparision”, the new site cannot hold a candle compared to its opponent. It has a Daddy.com site, obviously driving people to it. There are 1286 moz listed backlinks for them, I have zero. Over 400 onpage social likes, I have 3.  Google page rank of 3/10, I have 0/10. Domain Authority of 23/100 for them, I have zero. As you can see, using the stats of what matter for new sites, traffic and value – can really cause an existing page to be outranked fast. I estimate the input of value for the new site so far to be in the region of €350 – €400. Approx 10 hours work + domain costs. Bear in mind that the existing product had a lot of marketable resources already available, and falls into a well loved niche.  The main focus on this site was to create a quick website, with all relevant information, create a blog, and use the blog to post to a variety of social media outlets and posting to other blogs as well. I also utilised a popular video and image site to boost the profile.

The main point of note here is this. If you are serious about your online promotion, digital marketing, internet presence, what ever you want to call it, and you build a website with surrounding marketing campaign, you can achieve better results than a brand name in a fraction of the time.

You can of course just build a website, and trust in the old fable, ‘if you build it, they will come’, Right? – Reality is with over 500 websites being created every minute, of every day, new websites created without due attention to SEO or online marketing are forgotten about as soon as they are built.

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