– By Lila Bais

Why Reposting Instagram Photos is Good for Your Facebook Strategy

Facebook and Instagram have a close relationship, unlike many other social media channels. They appeal to very different groups of people, while essentially working the same way. While we usually believe in customising content across different social platforms, Facebook and Instagram is one situation where republishing Instagram photos is widely accepted. Here is why you should consider reposting as part of your strategy:

  • Organic Reach: While Facebook doesn’t tell us everything, we do know that the social network tends to give higher priority to posts that include images – in other words, they appear higher in news feeds and stay there longer for your followers to see. Additionally, Facebook owns Instagram, and it has been assumed that this adds another boost in priority. But news feed calculations aside, there’s a lot of synergy between Facebook and Instagram followers, and that means that Instagram content photos can help you maximise how much attention your posts get.
  • The Power of Photos: If you’ve been following social media marketing advice for the past few years, you hopefully know that photos are a really good idea. They massively increase engagement and responses on platforms like Facebook, while building your brand more easily in the minds of attention-wandering viewers. But, as a B2B business, you may also realise that taking great social media photos can be hard. So if you’ve found a great photo that’s getting plenty of reaction on Instagram, why not use it on Facebook as well?
  • Peer Interaction: When it comes to republishing, you can publish any Instagram photo to Facebook.


How to Repost Effectively

  • Use the Auto-Post Options in Instagram: First, make sure that your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked, which you can do in Instagram in seconds. When your accounts are linked, every time you create an Instagram image, you will see the option to post it over to Facebook as well. Now, if you want to be careful about repeating content across platforms it’s a good idea to wait and only republish an Instagram image if it’s getting great traction, etc. But if you want synergy now and you are confident in the image you’re posting, share it to Facebook at the same time.
  • Copy URLs/Embed Codes: Go to any Instagram image that has already been published, and look for the three dots at the bottom or side of the image. Click on the dots, and you’ll see sharing options. Either copying the URL directly or copying the embed code will allow you to paste the text into Facebook (or other platforms) and republish the image. There’s some discussion about which option Facebook gives more visibility too, but in the end they both work, and they’re both easy.
  • Pick an App: There are a lot of reposting apps for Instagram, for posting both from and to the image platform. These apps can help you find images, post to multiple platforms at once, and other options. Most online marketing suites offer similar tools for post management and scheduling. If you are invested in both Facebook and Instagram, it makes sense to pick one of these tools to save time, as well as get easier access to metrics for judging response.