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Visual Workflow Builder

Visualize the buyer’s journey with the visual workflow builder. Point and click to build and expand automation tasks with branching logic. Combine tasks and action groups to create specific touch points on your lead’s path to conversion.

Lead Nurturing

Automate drip email campaigns to continually engage leads early in the sales process. Educate them and stay top of mind as they move their way through the purchase decision. Notify salespeople when leads are ready to buy.

Lead Scoring

Focus your sales team on hot prospects. Score leads based on engagement. Increase or decrease scores based on page visits, filled out forms, content downloads and the demographic characteristics that fit your sales model.

Dynamic Lists

Create dynamic lists, which automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria, for powerful behavioural-based customer segmentation. Keep a running list of every lead, from a specific location or has visited your pricing pages but not yet purchased.

Email and Text Alerts

Trigger a workflow to send internal contacts, like sales, email and text notifications when something interesting happens. Receive actionable data and respond accordingly without even logging in to the app.

Multiple Device Tracking

SharpSpring recognises and tracks all of the various devices a contact may use to visit your site. This includes smart phones, desktops, laptops, tablets and helicopters. Well, maybe not helicopters…

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