SharpSpring – Bbmm’s favourite marketing automation platform – has announced the release of the Sales Optimizer feature; a suite of tools that allows users to control the quality and cadence of the entire sales process, enabling more closed deals and increased revenue.

Fully integrated with the system, the Sales Optimizer provides the same systematic structure to generating sales that marketing teams use to nurture leads. By the time a salesperson receives a hot lead, a lot of time, effort and budget, have already gone into making that lead sales-ready.

Sales managers now have control over how their team works with those leads, including what their message is and when they communicate it, so they can prevent fumbled deals. The new features ensure every salesperson follows best practices for conversion by automatically creating tasks and actions that move deals through the pipeline.

With Sales Optimizer, managers can orchestrate the ideal sales process, so they have peace of mind that deals are being handled properly, said Rick Carlson, SharpSpring CEO. Automation can now be used at every stage of the customer journey – sales teams can send the right message at the right time by leveraging the same kind of powerful tools marketing teams have used for years.

Sales Optimizer by SharpSpring bbmm

By creating and assigning automated tasks, managers can identify key touch points and ensure timely follow-up to keep opportunities moving toward a sale. Pre-built emails and specified media assets can be sent directly from a task, making it easier than ever to provide consistent, quality sales messaging.

Sales Optimizer also relieves the burden of manual administrative work, like opportunity creation and pipeline stage management, leaving less room in the process for human error. In turn, salespeople are free to focus on closing more deals, while comprehensive reports on task completion help sales managers hold their team members accountable to the process.

Bbmm is an official SharpSpring agency in Ireland. If you would like to book a FREE live demo on how SharpSpring works and what it can do for your business, please click here to book now.