TERMS AND CONDITIONS – bbmm.ie – 2018

1. Services Provided

The Service Provider – bbmm – shall provide digital marketing services to Clients, in accordance with the terms and conditions as per described below.

2. Delivery of the Services

Starting Services – bbmm shall commence the provision of Services as per agreed with each Client, and once a quotation is received and accepted by the Client – including confirmation of acceptance of bbmm’s Terms & Conditions.
Delivery of Services – bbmm shall complete the provision of services as per agreed with each Client, once/after all the relevant content for a project has been provided and signed off by the Client.
Completion of Services – Once all services have been completed, the Client will be invited to sign off the work carried. The Client has the right to elaborate a list of changes to be done – ‘Snag List’ – provided that the amendments comply with the project brief and quotation secifications agreed.

3. Payments

Initial Deposit – A deposit of 40% of the total amount of the quotation provided and accepted by the Client is required to be paid before the provision of services starts.
Final Payment after Completion of Services – Once all services have been completed, the final balance of the quotation previously approved by the Client must be paid immediately. Bbmm reserves to the right to remove OR undo any service delivered, in case the final balance remains unpaid over 5 working days.
Invoices – Separate VAT invoices will be issued to the Client per work progress and payments made.
Payments Methods – Payments can be made by direct bank transfer (EFT) OR online payments by credit and debit card via Stripe or PayPal (administration and handling fee applies to business credit card payments). Bank details will be provided with each invoice.