Tips To Boost eCommerce Conversion.

eCommerce and selling online, like shop front businesses, boils down to be a numbers game. Conversion matters. While being online removes aspects of business costs like store rent and sales staff, it also removes the personal touch and ability to observe what is happening with the general public in your store. It is widely known how much easier it is to market to existing customers and because of this, store fronts will always remain, with elements of re-marketing in place. That is why brands spend so much money on in-shop displays.

Tips To Boost eCommerce Conversion | Part 1

In order to jump on the internet eCommerce bandwagon, small and medium businesses are having to embrace the trend, and turn to online sales to bolster their sales. If and when you do, try and apply these tips To boost eCommerce conversion.

Improve Your Images To Boost eCommerce Conversion

It goes without saying, when selling online your images need to be perfect. Too big and the user experience will be poor, and too small and risk a potential customer having to search elsewhere to see what they want. Ideally, your images should be web optimised, 72 or 96 dpi, and have a pixel frame of at least 600, if not 800. Choosing a professional wordpress theme will come with built in options to handle image re-sizing from large to thumbnail, so your focus should be on creating a one size fits all solution to ease the burden on your graphics team. Another tip here is to use Photoshop as your final image processor, as the crop features and ‘save to web’ function are easily set and remembered within the program. If you do not have access to Photoshop, try using as an alternative. Another popular tool for design resources is with templates to get you started.

Avail Of Videos To Boost eCommerce Conversion

Where available, use your suppliers already provided videos on your site to promote your products even more. With the availability of embedding from YouTube, this has never been simpler to do. Ideally, you should create your own YouTube channel, and load supplier videos into your website from your branded YouTube channel. This may seem very time consuming at first, but you will see that it increases social factors for your site,  creates more product and brand awareness, adds more credibility to your brand and offers a small bit of that YouTube search power that you may hear people talking about. In case you didn’t know, Google own YouTube, so you are more likely to rank organically in SERP’s if you have a used your YouTube account for sharing videos rather than sharing from someone else. You an also use the downloaded videos to market on Facebook, and use their built in features to lead visitors to your website after the video is finished.

Improve Your Descriptions To Boost eCommerce Conversion

While imagery and visual aids help draw the customer in, the description of the product will be the deciding factor. Unless your customer already knows exactly what they are buying, the chances are they will search for a competitor’s site to confirm unless you give them every detail available on your site. Focusing on getting 10 products right is better than focusing on having 20 products that need improving, so this element of providing every detail you can is best served from the beginning. Remember, just because you know every detail of your products off by heart does not mean that potential customers do, so make this an exercise in showing off your knowledge, and be seen to be a master retailer at the same time.

Coming In Part 2, more on capturing leads, checkout dropouts, tracking visitor data, setting up goals, simple checkout systems and payment methods. Part 1 By Tony Burke.