Different ways to use Twitter for business – by Tony Burke.

Twitter can be advantaged by anyone with a smart phone in their pocket. The digital world around us has this fantastic platform, which is about to become more powerful than the sum of its nearest competitors. If you didn’t already hear, Twitter and Google are about to become bedfellows, and the fact of the matter is that Twitter is about to explode.

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All of a sudden, limited available characters and options for images and videos are about to reverse the options of small businesses across the globe, in favour of Twitter.

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Twitter For Business! How Do You Use Twitter?

In my opinion, Twitter offers better value per population, and is even more valuable because it is not yet tarnished by fake algorithmic followers.  What I mean by that is Twitter offers a more sincere option to use social media and be genuine. Its search feature is better than Facebook’s.  Its privacy options are more suited to business than personal. It has a better API driven system to control itself.

Do keep in mind that Twitter tends to reward the consistent and the creative, so don’t go into it with doubts or complacency. You don’t have to go all guns blazing either, but if you make steady progress, you should see positive results.